Create a Test User in Cognito

If you’re using AWS CDK and Cognito, probably you want to have a test user account. I use one mainly for testing GraphQL queries and mutations in the AppSync console which requires you to provide a userpool username and password.

Here it is, using an AWS CloudFormation Custom Resource:

      new CfnUserPoolUser(this, "TestUser", {
        userPoolId: this.userPool.userPoolId,
        username: TEST_USER_EMAIL,
        userAttributes: [
          { name: "email", value: TEST_USER_EMAIL },
          { name: "email_verified", value: "true" },
        desiredDeliveryMediums: ["EMAIL"],
      // set test user password
      new AwsCustomResource(this, "SetTestUserPassword", {
        onCreate: {
          service: "CognitoIdentityServiceProvider",
          action: "adminSetUserPassword",
          parameters: {
            UserPoolId: this.userPool.userPoolId,
            Username: TEST_USER_EMAIL,
            Password: TEST_USER_PASSWORD,
            Permanent: true,
          physicalResourceId: PhysicalResourceId.of("SetTestUserPassword"),
        policy: AwsCustomResourcePolicy.fromSdkCalls({
          resources: AwsCustomResourcePolicy.ANY_RESOURCE,

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