What The Hell Is Going On With The Russian Army?

One of the silver linings of this terrible, unnecessary catastrophe is the fact that this ill-conceived invasion is the best documented in history. The dissemination of information about combat, forces, movements, official and unofficial statements, largely via Ukrainian telegram channels, is swift and unprecedented. Countries use their official twitter accounts to troll and mock belligerents. Soldiers and civilians on the ground post videos of them dressing down Russian conscript teenagers and borrowing occupying army hardware.

Huge caveat: the vast majority of what I see is from pro-Ukraine Telegram/Discord/Twitter, it’s only a few days into a massive operation, with major fog of war. This is absolutely not an accurate or complete picture of the war. But it is a darkly amusing one.

Here are a few choice quotes from professional analysts, military, and war nerds:

wait, how did you listen in to russian radio comms lol. Aren’t they supposed to be encrypted, not to mention off the internet..? Right?

It almost looked more as if they were trying to get as far they could down a road until they encountered a road block and were completely unworried about all the amazing angles people with cameras (which could just as easily be rifles) had on them. I’m kinda confused about wtf the idea behind that was too, maybe its just how things worked in syria…?

There are so many videos of russian troops within the cities in light armour and on foot its crazy. I havent seen this much yet. Could it be a sign that shelling is slowing down and they are entering next stage of their plan?

Its absolutely one of the most ill-executed military operations I have ever seen, they’ll use this war in military textbooks for generations to come as an instance of what not to do in strategic/tactical planning and execution.

What’s amazing is that this is fractally stupid – no matter what level you analyze the operation, from tactical to grand strategic, it’s mind-bogglingly stupid.

They’re definitely getting chewed if they enter actual urban combat. What the hell is this formation, military analysts are going to really be scratching their heads what is up with the military and it’s organisation.

Im listening to their comms, very chaotic. They get confused between each others. Also it seems that they are trying to fight ww2 style. Driving in between houses like some peasant with no radio to report while its 2022 and everyone is connected getting intel almost quicker then their radios and coordinating UA forces. And as someone said above their mistake make us think there hould be a logical yet bizarre explanation like “its a plan to outs putin and so on” but i think its their military doctrine not suited for 2022
I do not understand why they are running radios and maps instead of google maps or a chinese knock off. Like it is not like the americans aren’t watching you via satelite

https://twitter.com/RALee85/status/1497820400608231425?t=409AyZ_fxDgpAAf4cKP5kQ&s=19 “I’m… not sure that’s going to work.”
These seem like… completely careless “own goal” losses.

Wow, rare video of the moment of engagement. They’re driving / walking right into ambushes across the city.
What, are they trying to lose at this point?
Literally feels like they have no control or awareness of the situation. What’s going on. They’re standing there to get shot…
They are not very ready for urban fighting judging by that video.

Does look like a recon group, not sure why a fuel tanker is driving with them though.
That’s a city they’ve bypassed. They need fuel further up the line? That strikes me as a very… aggressive manuver to solve that problem.
I have never seen a freaking patrol have a fueler attached
Yeah, doesn’t seem like a patrol. I’m so confused honestly. Not sure why they seemed like they were stopping in a couple of different locations as well? An attempt at refueling that just got lost and accidentally drove straight through lines???

“We’re out of gas.”? The logistical problems are bad enough that they’ve… demechanized?

Let’s get into the best Ukrainian and NATO memes four days into this thing.

The “Z” markings, division markings.

Weird I wonder why?

VDV tank firing on WWII monument in a park.

For some strange reason Russia offered to host negotiations at Gomel, in Belarus. Belarus is a belligerent in this war against Ukraine so it was an odd choice of location. Russian negotiating team was left to negotiate with themselves.

Russian delegation wondering why the Ukrainians didn’t show up.

The sign is an obvious photoshop but one actually posted by the interior ministry to make the point.

Electronic roadsigns on the road from Boryspil airport – “russian ship – fuck off.”

Wikipedia entry for the above battle.

Russian army trying to loot a bank, a time-honored tradition.

Perhaps he can keep getting away with this after all!

And I saved my favorite for last. In the Republic of Ireland, the Russian ambassador has a rough day. First tries to drive to work.

Afterwards he has an interview that doesn’t go so well. I strongly encourage watching until the very end:

This is what a free press looks like. Americans take note.

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