Traveling On The Cheap

People always seem really surprised when I tell them how cheaply I’m flying to Europe from the USA for. I guess I should write down a few tricks which I recently learned so I don’t have to keep explaining them over and over. I could write this in the format of a clickbait listicle but I’m not going to do that because I’m not a greasy buzzfeed writer.

Fly Norwegian(.no) via Oslo and Stockholm

There are flights from Oakland, CA (OAK) to Oslo and Stockholm via Norwegian air, nonstop (10 hours) for about $250. That’s on the English version of the site. If you look at the Norwegian version the flights are about $100 cheaper in Norwegian Krøner, if you compare the same flights side-by-side. Which I did just to be sure. From OSL or ARN you can fly to anywhere in Europe for like $30. I did this recently to Warsaw one way, for about $180. There are even flights from NYC to OSL for 1000NOK ($118 USD) coming up later this year.  Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 10.49.01

Fly via Reykjavik on Wow Air

Flights on Wow Air can be absurdly cheap if you look for their deals. They get snatched up fast though so you can’t just pick a random date when you feel like going a few weeks out and expect sweet deals. This is true in general and especially true with Wow. They announced a deal for flights via KEF (Reykjavik, Iceland) to various European major cities from SF and other US cities for $55. Though if you want more than one bag, even carry-on, they tack on another $50. Fine, so I’m flying SFO-AMS for $113.

Untitled 2Untitled

Update: no more because Wow Air declared bankruptcy. Maybe this is why.

You can find other awesome deals if you wanna browse around on Google FlightsSkyscanner and HackTheFlight. Rome2Rio is a handy site for finding buses, trains and flights within Europe. I’m sure there are plenty of other tools people use to find super cheap flights, so comment if you know of any!

Thanks to Karl the Nord for basically all of this info.

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